Introducing Megaverse Launchpad

Introducing Megaverse Launchpad

Written by Ward Loockx on 28/10/21

The vision behind Megaverse is to build a movement, that launches (Saas) products in a fast and agile way. An idea factory.

To support this vision we are introducing Launchpad.

πŸ›°οΈ What is Launchpad

Launchpad is the name of our internal incubation program at Megaverse. The Launchpad program allows employees to launch their own projects. Megaverse will supply everything needed to be successful. A new reward system is embedded into Launchpad to make sure everyone gets rewarded fairly and transparently. The learnings gained from launching will be recorded and summarized into a Launch framework. The goal of this framework is to have a methodology that maximizes the odds of launching a successful product (an ongoing experiment)

🀨 Why Launchpad?

What made us create Megaverse Launchpad and why do we need it? Let's figure it out!

😴 Keep it interesting

Probably a lot of you can rely that you get bored out after a while working on the same project for an extended period of time.

Novelty wears off, you learned lots of new things and now you find yourself hungry for more learning. The work suddenly is not that exciting anymore.

Getting bored is normal, it's in our human nature to look for more new and exciting things. Most people move on to another company to get their next "high". Why waste good talent? We can retain talent by challenging them with different projects (if needed even start a new one).

The philosophy behind Megaverse is not to create a single product. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where people can thrive, keep being interested, involved, and be rewarded. A tribe of talented people having fun. Life is too short to work in a boring environment, have fun!

πŸ‘Š Megaverse got you covered

We want to make sure our people succeed, how can Megaverse help with this?


Starting a company can be freighting and comes with a certain risk. Depending on where you are in life & how risk savvy you are, this can put a break on your ambition of becoming a founder.

Megaverse allows starting a project without tinkering about the potential failure.


Megaverse supports employees by giving them time to work out projects & granting usage of company resources & knowledge.

Time - Tools - Knowledge will be provided to make sure you can succeed.

Just build

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. People might have their own itch or something fun to build, but never start because they do not want to think about the business side of things. It would be a waste not working out these projects.

Megaverse provides the support of skilled individuals that just love to build things.

πŸŽ‰ YOLO - Confetti & Unicorns

The idea to help people build and make themselves succeed sounds like much fun. Working together, building knowledge, and experimenting together.

β€œDream big. Start small. But most of all start.”  - Simon Sinek

Launchpad is considered an internal experiment. We know what we want to achieve and we know it will be a wobbly road full of experimenting. - If you do not try, you will never know!

πŸͺœUp next?

β˜‘οΈ Launching our first Launchpad project

We are working on the first Launchpad project. The initial project is going to be something very small to get feedback fast and allow us to fine-tune our Launch framework.

We will first test the idea to the market before building an MVP.

The team member in charge of the project will be building in public. Stay tuned, we will be linking to it soon.

β˜‘οΈ Bonus system documenting

Launching a flexible bonus system for the Megaverse team members is needed.

We have designed a system that we think will work. We call it the Megaverse Treasury.

Soon, we will definitely do an in-depth write-up of it, so stay tuned!

β˜‘οΈ Documenting

Our journey will be documented on Twitter. If you want to follow along, make sure to follow the Megaverse Twitter account